Patient Data Entry Device

This is a prototype for a patient entry device for health clinics in Malawi and Uganda, developed from a collaboration with UNICEF Innovation Team.
This device aims to help health care workers in diagnosing patients and then efficiently relaying that information to the patient guardians. It allows
the user to input child's vital information such as name, weight, height, middle-upper arm circumference, signs of edema and child's complications
in order to receive a prompt preliminary diagnosis of the child's general health status and malnutrition level.The device uses both auditory prompts
and written prompts to guide the health care workers through the diagnosis questionnaire, through the registration process for a new patient and a
check-up on a previously registered patient. The final spoken diagnosis are translated into local language, so that the guardians can leave the clinic
with valuable information and a general understanding about the health status of their child and the necessary care suggestions. The data is stored
locally onto SD card and it can be uploaded onto a server through text messages via a GSM/GPRS module. For videos of the device in action,please
click here and here!

2009 - In Progress.