The Ravezooka

A playful visual synthesis of a guitar and a bazooka, the Ravezooka is simultaneously a stylish musical weapon of audio destruction and fun with its solid
canon shaped form, comfortable wearabilty, and fantastic hip looks! The Ravezooka is a musical weapon that shoots a wide range of powerful "hardcore"
sounds based on your target's distance from the instrument. Our goal was to have fun performing aggressive synthetic sounds. The Ravezooka is a play-
ful and dynamic instrument that moves the user into a more intuitive and active performance space. This project began with an interest in changing the
physicality and sound output of a traditional musical instrument. Our ideas evolved to combine the forms and function of both a bazooka weapon and an
electric guitar.The user straps the Ravezooka over his or her shoulders and squeezes the trigger handle to initiate sound and a beam of light. As the user
moves the Ravezooka around, he or she will notice a change in the frequency range being played based on the distance of the person or objects in front
of the instrument. The light emitted from the LED will give a rough visual clue as to what person or object is being targeted.The user will be able to slide
the trigger handle back and forth to apply a distortion effect to the sounds. The closer the handle is drawn towards the user, the greater is the distortion.
The user can control the volume by turning the knob on the side of the bazooka. The Ravezooka can play many different kinds of sounds, from stridulous
and percussive to more melodic and polyphonic notes. The circuit includes a microcontroller, an ultrasonic sensor and a ZigBee Radio to transmit the data
to a computer connected to speakers. The body of the Ravezooka is made of recycled cardboard and other off the shelf materials.

For more information on the process, please click here to view my ITP blog entries.

Lesley Flanigan.