Some online press about my work. For a full collection of online, printed and televised press please contact me,
and I will provide that for you.

   "Start The Riot With The Ravezooka", funny post about the Ravezooka on
   Wired Blog.

   Very nice and detailed article about the Ravezooka on We Make Money Not

   Current TV covered and donated some online space during the 12th Annual
   Art Under The Bridge Festival in Brooklyn, where I exhibited D'Art Buoy.

   "Rather than firing live ammunition, the Ravezooka shoots music.Confused?"
   Here's a quick post from Gizmodo.

   Ladies, gentlemen, meet the Ravezooka. A quick plug from the all-gadgets
   lovers at Engadget.

   A bit more coverage on the Ravezooka, from our friends at Make Magazine
   and Make Blog.

   A great interview and well written article, published on the special edition
   of the Italian American newspaper America Oggi, about my performance
   titled: "40,000 Trees: A Postcard from the Tsunami". [in Italian]