Luscious Electric Delight

The Luscious Electric Delight is a a 28 x 40 dot L.E.D. matrix sized about 12" by 9" and made of light emitting diodes programmed
to display algorithmically generated graphics. These algorithms employ two dimensional graphs of complex waveforms that evolve
over time. This display can also functions as a clock; it does in fact display hours, minutes and seconds, along with day, month and
year. The clock runs on a real-time clock chip that can retain time of day even when the clock is powered off.The animations can be
loaded on a SD Card from a computer. The clock/display broadcasts a time signal to its surroundings using a small bandwith ZigBee
Radio. The time of day is therefore available to anyone with a ZigBee Radio wanting to tune into the network. Video available here.

Leif Krinkle, Rob Faludi, Zach Layton, and myself.

2006. Photos by Sai Sriskandarajah