In Exile

This installation represents my first full hands-on experience in the realm of interactivity. The purpose of this installation was to discuss the mobility
of people and also introduce the idea of being finally able to "pack" family and friends in suitcases, in order to bring them with you in all travels and
relocations. This piece is made of a portable closet, a motion sensor used to detect when the viewer is present, a microcontroller and touch sensors
embedded in the touch sensitive dowel. When in contact with one of the coat hangers, the sensors act like on/off switches triggering different audio
files reciting quotes about many aspects of exile (from authors such as Dante, E. Said and T. Adorno). The visitors will "unpack" life size portraits of
people close to my heart, printed on fabric:pictures of family and friends I would like to take anywhere with me. The collapsible closet is made to fit
in a couple of suitcases ready to travel to another town, city or Country. The prototype portraits were shot with a large format camera and the 4 x 5
negatives were then scanned with an Imacon scanner and color proofed for a large scale Light Jet printer. The very first prototype of this interactive
closet used mechanical switches connected to an I-Cube then connected to a laptop running Max/MSP. The latest version has substituted the I-Cube
for and Arduino board with wireless capabilities and touch sensors instead of the mechanical switches.It can be paired with a computer for the audio
playback or it can use a stand-alone MP3 module with speakers.

You can listen to: quote #1, quote #2 or quote #3 here.