D'Art Buoy

D'Art Buoy is a multimedia installation that creates generative and meditative sounds thanks to a buoy, anchored in the East
River, which broadcasts its presence live through music and evening lightshows.The buoy was conceived for the 12th Annual
Art Under The Bridge Festival
, by the Dumbo Arts Center. The glowing buoyant platform contains a circuit composed of an
accelerometer to interpret the currents, a microcontroller to compute the incoming values and a ZigBee Radio to transmit the
data to a nearby computer, connected to speakers. A Max/MSP Jitter program reads the data coming from the floating device
and uses its values to generate music.The audio composition is nature-inspired, melodic, romantic and is composed thanks to
wave movements, manipulation of samples, programmed algorithms and digital instruments. A small solar panel powers both
the circuit and a light sensistive LED matrix that performs intriguing light shows after dark. The inspiration behind D'Art Buoy
came from the research I had previously conducted on contemporary DART tsunameter systems employed by NOAA in order
to detect and assess tsunamis and their inunandation patterns. For full research on DART systems, check out my ITP blog &
my report. This installation started as a self-imposed challenge aimed to the rebuilding of the NOAA 300,000$ system, with
just 300$ worth of parts, in order to create a sustainable and open source solution to the challenge of predicting tsunamis in
developing countries.

For a meditative audio sample, click here! And for a full project website click this link!

Generative audio composition, conception and programming by Gadi Sassoon.
Composition and performance by Alex Giorgetti, Ben Murphy and Andy McCarthy.