The Lucky Charm

"[...] It is not a patrimony, a lucky charm/ that can stand to the monsoons' knock/ on spiderwebs of memories/ but a story does not last until in
ashes, and persistence simply means extinction."

E. Montale

This installation, conceived specifically for the suggestive atmosphere of the Cloister of Sant Uldarico, represents a poetic tribute to memory and
an hynthm in honor of a love story that developed during a time of War. This piece is centered around the large scale reproduction of a bracelet,
which belonged to my grandfather, symbol of an enternal promise sealed between him and my grandmother, outside of space, outside of time. A
fragment of history, a monument to the past, a music destined to fill the empty spaces and that will reach the sky with its echo. Needless to say,
the Cloister had a wonderful acoustics. Giving you the possibility to interact through the sweet sound of Tibetan bells, I hope to present you with
an intresting reflection. A moment of meditation, on life, on love, on death, and on distance. Materials: nickelsilver engraved tag, titanium chain,
metal braces, Tibetan metal bells and an assortment of mallets to play the instrument. Accompanied by a second piece representing a large scale
reproduction of the iron wedding band that Italian citizens would receive during the Fascist Era, since all gold was to be donated to the regime to
support the War. From the engraved metal ring, wooden and metal chimes will hang to establish an evocative communication with the bracelet,
temporarily erasing the space that separates them.
This installation is dedicated to the loving memory of Lisetta Gelati e Augusto Piantella.