I am Co-Founder of GROUND LabĀ®, an Engineering, Research and Development company focused on
   prototyping, field testing and implementing accessible technological solutions for research groups,NGOs,
   Universities, large organizations, Governments & their unique problem sets. GROUND Lab concentrates
   on open source technologies applied to address and solve humanitarian, social or environmental issues

   In its 2500 sq ft Queens Warehouse, GROUND Lab offers a fully equipped wood-working, metal-working,
   welding, plastics and vacuum-forming,mold making and machining shop with an hardware/electronics as
   well as software laboratory, to bring your unique idea to the field.

   You can see what we are up to, by visiting our website: simply click on the logo to the left! We're working
   on both clients' projects and our own research projects and product development. If you need something
   fabricated, designed, prototyped or programmed, please feel free to contact us!

::   GROUND LabĀ®    ::    26-12 BOROUGH PLACE WHS#1, WOODSIDE, NY 11377    ::    WWW.GROUNDLAB.CC   ::    NEWS.GROUNDLAB.CC    ::