The 40,000 Trees Project

The 40.000 Trees Project is a site specific performance that will take place in Sri Lanka. It is also a reforestation intervention in one of the areas worst
devastated by the tsunami. This site-specific project represents the culmination of a series of works that I have been developing around this profound
inspiration and will involve the planting of 40,000 trees along the coasts of Sri Lanka as a sign of remembrance for the 40,000 lives lost on this island
during the natural disaster. By helping the reforestation of the affected areas, the trees will constitute a small natural barrier against the future rage of
Nature.Through a small contribution people will be able to help plant 40,000 trees in Sri Lanka and help restore the ecosystem previously destroyed by
the Tsunami.Inviting the local community to partecipate will constitute temporary job positions, a moment for activity and communal responsibility but
also an occasion to pay homage to the families that took such great care of tourists while mourning their own losses.Donors will be able to monitor the
process step by step through email updates and through the Blog that will document the entire mission.Later, thanks to Google Earth, they will be able
to check out where the trees they have donated are located. For more information, please visit the 40,000 Trees Website.

For my Master's degree thesis, I wrote, scored and performed a live multimedia performance with four wall projections, live singing and tabla, entitled
40,000 Trees: A Postcard from the Tsunami, which took place on May 4th 2008 at the venue Monkey Town, in Brooklyn. The performance was
15 minutes long and if you click on the link above you can watch the emtire video.

2008 - In Progress.